Becoming a Broker at Clarity Energy Consulting is one of the best ways to build a career. Whether you’re looking at becoming brokers full time, part time or just want to supplement your income, Clarity Energy Consulting has a program and compensation plan to fit your needs.

The deregulation of the energy markets provides opportunities to build recurring income streams and a great lifestyle. We have dozens of relationships with conventional and renewable energy suppliers, as well as lighting contractors, demand response providers and energy management systems.

Clarity Energy is for experienced brokers looking to make a top income. With payouts of up to 70% of the gross commission as well as contract administration, marketing and pricing support, you will maximize your income and minimize overhead.

We understand the value of your personal relationships and allow you to build your business your way. If you are an Energy Broker looking to make more and have more independence, contact us today.


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If you are browsing energy sales jobs looking to start a new career, then you have come to the right place. Clarity Energy Consulting delivers and maintains a suite of energy products that will help customers manage their overall energy costs, reduce operating risks and increase their reliability of service.

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