Energy Supply Management – Clear, Powerful Solutions

Energy Information Management

For most companies, energy costs and the related management expenses are a multi-million dollar budget consideration. You can spend a significant amount of the two most precious resources: time and money. How can you understand, procure and use energy better in the face of these challenges? Clarity Energy Consulting provides cost-effective and clear solutions to clients that want to maximize all the opportunities available to manage, monitor and reduce energy costs.

  • Weekly Market Updates
  • Carbon Footprint Tracking
  • Monitoring Market Changes
  • Detecting and Resolving Billing Issues
  • Validating Rates
  • Cost Analyzation
  • Sales/Use Tax Recovery
  • Energy Usage Audits
  • Quarterly Energy Management meetings

Energy Demand Management

  • Facility Energy Audits
  • Demand Management Programs
  • Demand Response Programs
  • Predominant Usage Studies

Energy Risk Management

With today’s energy prices being as volatile as ever, requiring significant resources and budget planning, Clarity Energy Consulting works with each client to assist in the development of disciplined price risk management program to provide certainty in the highly volatile energy market. We evaluate and recommend specific strategies to accomplish the client’s goals and objectives resulting in predictable energy prices, reduction in volatility and reliable budget planning.

  • Assist in the identification, assessment, development, and implementation of a price risk management strategy
  • Evaluate fundamental and technical factors influencing pricing and provide associated market updates
  • Create pricing targets tied to specific benchmarking mechanisms
  • Assess on-going price risk as it relates to short and long-term price targets
  • Execute hedging transactions on clients behalf
  • Prepare periodic reports for client management detailing all hedged and open positions
  • Continuously assess the program’s objectives versus the ultimate outcome Stephens/Dixon