Natural Gas Procurement

Clarity Energy has relationships with over a dozen natural gas suppliers which provides you with true choice and the ability to get the best possible natural gas purchasing program for your needs.

As part of an overall procurement program, Clarity will:

  • Evaluate your natural gas bill, and your current supplier contract.
  • Work with you to obtain your usage history from your local utility for each of your locations.
  • Solicit proposals from multiple reliable gas suppliers.
  • Review all proposals and options and provide an analysis of options.
  • Recommend, with a detailed analysis, a competitive price and supplier contract that works best for you.
  • Ensure a seamless transition to your new supplier.
  • Provide regular market updates, analysis and review of your account.
  • Provide ongoing consulting and customer service with no risk or, obligation on multiple energy elements – such as renewables, carbon offsets, control systems, fleet conversion and management and other energy related solutions.

Clarity will be your energy partner – providing clear solutions and powerful results across the energy spectrum.

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