Portfolio Management

Clarity works with multiple tools, including Energy Star, to assess your energy usage, various options for utility contracting, hedges, futures, renewables, offsets, and an overall view of what you are trying to accomplish with your energy strategy.

Clarity works to understand your needs and values to provide a comprehensive analysis of your energy portfolio – fleet, physical plant and collateral uses- and works with you as markets and technologies change to ensure your overall objectives are being met – both economic and social.


Clarity is able to:

  • Measure and manage your carbon footprint
  • Analyze and set investment and expenditure priorities
  • Measure expectations against actual results and recommend any adjustments to the portfolio
  • Verify and track savings and environmental impacts
  • Share and report performance to stakeholders

Clarity is committed to looking at each Client as having a unique set of economic and social objectives and helping you meet those objectives in a comprehensive way.

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